Consider the process involved in a Commercial Construction Endeavor...

From “back of napkin” ideas, through building occupancy and the warranty period, there are literally hundreds of steps and decisions to execute.  The Contractor and Designers have teams of professionals.  The City and Lender also rely on professional representation. 
As the project Owner, you need a construction professional in your corner.
Owners must be able to drive the tempo of the project, while keeping a finger firmly on its pulse.  PERCHERON Group will help you achieve this role.  By providing the experience of a Half Billion Dollars of successful Construction Management,  Engineering Education, Industry Certifications, and a Proven History of Exceptional Profitability, PERCHERON Group will help ensure your success.

We offer Construction Management, Owner Representation, or simply some Guidance when you need it most.  Allow PERCHERON Group the opportunity to explain how our involvement will positively impact your project. 

  • Design (Programming, Coordination, Oversight & Constructability Review)
  • Permits (Special Permits, Con Com, BOH, Building, Fire Dept., Etc.)
  • Budgeting
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Scheduling & Tracking
  • Schedule Loading
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Field Management & Oversight
  • Pre-Con Coordination (Means & Methods Review)
  • Comprehensive Contract Scoping
  • Bid Solicitation
  • Bid Review & Contract Negotiations
  • Submittal Review
  • Schedule of Values Verification
  • Inspection of Work in Place (Quality, Quantity, Code Compliance, Sequence)
  • Deficiency Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Financial Tracking
  • Verification of Change Order Requests
  • Determination of Credit Values Owed
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Payment Procedures & Verification
  • Safety & Hazardous Communication
  • Formal & Informal Reporting
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Lender Services
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